[PGCanada] [BP] Re: In Canada, "Hollywood's MP" sent packing (fwd)

Michael Hart hart at pglaf.org
Thu Jan 26 12:16:47 PST 2006

On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Russell McOrmond wrote:

>  We need to somehow get all the activists on this issue together.  Are we 
> all aware of each other?
>  Our opponents that want to make copyright longer, stronger and more complex 
> are able to collaborate their lobbying of the government.  We need to be able 
> to coordinate our message as well.

I write plenty of articles on the subject of copyright extension,
and would gladly make them available to you, though I/we may want
to make some changes to make them more specific to Canada.

>  While I host a forum at Digital-copyright.ca

Perhaps you could send me some samples from there?

>  I am open to other ideas as well.  Where the forum is hosted doesn't matter 
> -- but the fact we must collaborate does!

You might also be interested in:

Tjhe Union for the Public Domain <upd-discuss at lists.essential.org>

but I should warn you that it has some affect due to the presence
of Richard M. Stallman, who often treats it as if he owns it, and
much of the rest of the open source world.

I have made some efforts to rein him in from time to time, as I'm
an even older proponent of open source than he is.

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Michael S. Hart
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