[PGCanada] [BP] Re: In Canada, "Hollywood's MP" sent packing (fwd)

Russell McOrmond russell at flora.ca
Thu Jan 26 14:02:41 PST 2006

Michael Hart wrote:
>>  While I host a forum at Digital-copyright.ca
> Perhaps you could send me some samples from there?

   It is an active forum, with both a BLOG and a few mailing lists.  Not 
sure what you mean by "samples".

> You might also be interested in:

   I'm not looking to join more lists, given I don't read many of the 
lists I'm already subscribed to.  What I'm looking for is a way for 
Canadian activists involved in this issue to collaborate.  Some of those 
people need to be involved in the larger international questions, but if 
we all try to be involved in everything, we won't be able to actually 
*do* anything.

> Give the world eBooks in 2006!!!

   I assume you mean DRM-free eBooks ;-)

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