[PGCanada] [BP] Re: In Canada, "Hollywood's MP" sent packing (fwd)

Russell McOrmond russell at flora.ca
Sat Jan 28 08:54:45 PST 2006

Michael Hart wrote:
> Just something to exemplify what you are referring to.

   The main organizing mailing list is the general discussion forum.  It 
goes in bursts, just like this forum.

Forum info is at, including pointer to public archives:

   The BLOG is what people make of it.  I post articles I've written 
myself, as well as links to other BLOGS on topics of interest.

During the election there were many related topic areas that were 
receiving many new articles:


Many posts to Parkdale - High Park due to the Bulte scandal

>>  I'm not looking to join more lists, given I don't read many of the 
>> lists I'm already subscribed to.  What I'm looking for is a way for 
>> Canadian activists involved in this issue to collaborate.  Some of 
>> those people need to be involved in the larger international 
>> questions, but if we all try to be involved in everything, we won't be 
>> able to actually *do* anything.
> These are people I would hope have already gone through some processes
> you will likely be wanting to consider.
> This should be somewhat helpful, unless you are sure you want to redo
> the entire process from scratch.

   I'm wanting a Canadian list, not yet another higher-volume 
International list.

> I support the entire medium, though I don't support DRM,
> I also would never say there is nothing out there worth
> reading in DRM formats.

   I'm all for circumventing DRM in order to access good content, but 
separate whether the content is useful from whether DRM should be 
circumvented to protect our rights as citizens.

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