[posted] Re: Posted (#12702-12724, Various)

John Mark Ockerbloom ockerblo at pobox.upenn.edu
Mon Nov 30 13:07:12 PST 2009

Greg Newby wrote:
> Fixed!  Good catch, thanks.

Thanks so much for fixing this so quickly!

While I have you here, as it were, could I ask you to fix a few of other
misnamings I stumbled across today?

     in #25432, rename 25482-page-images/   to 25432-page-images/
and in #25714, rename 25711-page-images/   to 25714-page-images/

and, from a listing I did a while ago,

     in #22993, rename 22933-page-images/   to 22993-page-images/



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