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Paddington: Past and Present, by William Robins                          51123
   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/5/1/1/2/51123 ]
   [Files: 51123-0.txt; 51123-h.htm

For those wishing to know: Paddington, a district to the north-west of 
central London, had a complex and somewhat dubious history of ownership 
and responsibilities.  What William Robins moved to Paddington he was 
surprised that the Bishop of London owned almost all the land, profited 
from it a great deal, but didn't fund the church, the poor, or a minister 
- the three things he owned the land to do.  The book is a detailed 
recounting of these wrongs and how the expense fell on the Paddington 
rate-payers instead.  It exams lots of legal acts and documents, and gives 
some account of Paddington, upto 1853 when the book was published.

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