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Incidents in a Gipsy's Life, by George Smith                             52647
   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/5/2/6/4/52647 ]
   [Files: 52647-0.txt; 52647-h.htm]

For those wishing to know: it's a (probably ghost-written) autobiography 
of George Smith, a Gipsy horse-trader from Epping Forest, England, who hit 
on the idea of "exhibiting" his family and became known as the King of the 
Royal Epping Forest Gipsies.  There's little in the book as George would 
not have wanted to give too much away.  For those wanting to know more the 
excellent Sharon Floate gave a talk on this book years ago and got me 
hooked - Sharon has produced a version for the Gipsy Law Society which 
gives lots of background etc. and I'd recommend her work to anyone.

All the best,
England, now dark clouds but still warm

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