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Australia at War, by Will Dyson                                          57177
  [Subtitle: Drawings at the front: A winter record on the Somme and
              at Ypres, during the Campaings of 1916 and 1917]
  [Contributor: Gilbert, Keith Chesterton]
  [Illustrator: Will Dyson]
  [Link: http://track.smtpserver.email/20963/c?p=itMMZTeX8VKxaO925ORDz5m0Yvs_TWPi34cWLTDQuJ-46JZFbOnM-jlFdypWeo1NuOOPlU1fBSlCmUx2VqHVqTVOEPIe9GIZoKBEJk4TzSuwl0Uw0h--smTGYOMKtedRUfjm7pZ7DXmaYibiEKwVBQ== ]
  [Files: 57177-8.txt; 57177-h.htm]

Thanks to jj and Claudine Corbasson (This file was
produced from scans of public domain works at The National
Library of Australia.)


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