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Doctor Quintard, Chaplain C.S.A, by Charles Todd Quintard                57212
  [Full title: Doctor Quintard, Chaplain C.S.A and Second Bishop of
  [Subtitle: Being His Story of the War (1861-1865)]
  [Editor: Arthur Howard Noll]
  [Link: http://track.smtpserver.email/20963/c?p=r2hpoxJ9cRtJlQM-G6z7vn9JJwN8OjyOuy1VSOxlwKmxqpccUpS3OLZ6mEgJQk_Mu25eolcQz_8LP2IYTQmgRsi06IKN2Nkyiy8TW9Px9N5dpdjjt64ryU6B3zmKtPveI1btl78O8-JhIganJwebKA== ]
  [Files: 57212-8.txt; 57212-h.htm]

Thanks to David King and the Online Distributed
Proofreading Team at http://track.smtpserver.email/20963/c?p=Py9oV5YLr-GtoUnBhOBmEyhiszKCi3PmxXGG8wwJAuUQ9f64nh7S6SVmckQvxEG7Cft6_Q-j1ytqRZDx0P90llw7XB7_a3iBzofFRz3QqUI= (This file was
produced from images generously made available by the
Library of Congress.)


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