[gmonthly] PG Canada - *May* news summary (fwd)

Michael S. Hart hart at pglaf.org
Sun May 31 20:41:48 PDT 2009

Here is the news from PG Canada for May.

We published a total of 18 ebooks during the month: we have now published a cumulative total of 325 ebooks.

The New Releases section at the top of the PGC main page always gives the details of new releases for the most recent three months.

- 15 in English
- 3 in French


- 7 novels
- 4 history books
- 2 cookbooks
- 1 book of essays
- 1 dictionary
- 1 book of poetry
- 1 personal journal
- 1 children's book

8 of this month's ebooks were by Canadians or had a connection to Canada.

9 of this month's titles were fiction, and 9 were non-fiction.

April saw the posting of two further titles by the famous English novelist and essayist Arnold Bennett (1867-1931), courtesy of Distributed Proofreaders Europe.

May was notable for the posting of our first titles by the famous missionary, explorer, historian, and linguist Adrien-Gabriel Morice (1859-1938), celebrated in the annals of British Columbia, and of the Canadian historian Ernest Alexander Cruikshank (1854-1939).

Authors new to PGC this month included:

Bennet, Robert Ames (1870-1954) [American novelist]
Bosse, Sara [née Eaton] (1868-1940) [Canadian author] and Watanna, Onoto [Reeve, Winnifred Eaton: née Eaton, Winnifred] (1875-1954) [Canadian novelist]
Boucher-Belleville, Jean-Philippe [Jean-Baptiste] (1800-1874) [Journaliste canadien]
Cody, Hiram Alfred (1872-1948) [Canadian priest, novelist, and biographer]
Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander (1854-1939) [Canadian historian]
Dionne, Narcisse-Eutrope (1848-1917) [Historien, lexicographe et bibliothécaire canadien]
Hodgson, William Hope (1877-1918) [English novelist and poet]
Isle, June (active around 1864) [American children's author]
Lighthall, William Douw (1857-1954) [Canadian lawyer, politician, historian, novelist, philosopher, and poet]
Monck, Frances Elizabeth Owen (d. 1919) [Irish memoirist]
Morice, Adrien-Gabriel (1859-1938) [Missionnaire, explorateur, ethnologue et lexicographe canadien]
O'Duffy, Eimar Ultan (1893-1935) [Irish playwright, novelist, and economist]
Wallace, Edgar [Wallace, Richard Horatio Edgar] (1875-1932) [English novelist, playwright, and screenplay writer]


Thanks as ever for your support!


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