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Greetings from Project Gutenberg!  This is the newsletter
for October, 2011.

** Contents **
   Loss of our Founder, and Inventor of eBooks
   New Mirroring Service 
   Get Involved
   New Releases for September 2011

** Loss of our Founder, and Inventor of eBooks **

As many people are aware, Project Gutenberg's founder passed away on
September 6.  Information about the life and legacy of Michael Hart is
online here:


Thanks to the many fans, friends, and eBook enthusiasts who shared in
our sadness of this sudden loss.  Michael will be remembered fondly,
and there is no doubt that his leadership in digitization and free
distribution of literature has had a lasting impact.  Part of that
legacy is the ongoing activity of Project Gutenberg, which continues

I do intend to maintain this monthly newsletter, and as always the
newsletter welcomes contributions of all types.  Greg Newby

** New Mirroring Service **

Project Gutenberg now offers mirroring capability for our generated
content.  This consists of epub and other file formats which are not
created "by hand," but automatically produced.  These formats are
well-suited for eBook reader devices, and quite popular.  This new
offering is for people who want to do massive downloads of these
files, including creating your own copy of the Project Gutenberg


** Get Involved **

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** New Releases for September 2011 **

For this pat month, here are recent new publications, per GUTINDEX.ALL
("offline catalogs" at www.gutenberg.org), with thanks to volunteer
Larry Copenhaver for maintaining the listing.  And, huge thanks to the
many eBook producers and other volunteers who made these new eBooks


*****A 'C' Following a Project Gutenberg eBook Number Indicates Copyright****

Title and Author                                                     Etext No.

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Sep 2011 to 30 Sep 2011 ~ ~ ~ ~

The Cricket on the Hearth, by Charles Dickens                            37581
 [Subtitle: A Fairy Tale of Home]
 [Illustrators: Daniel Maclise, Richard Doyle,
  Clarkson Stanfield, John Leech, and Edwin Landseer]

Catastrophe and Social Change, by Samuel Henry Prince                    37580
 [Subtitle: Based Upon a Sociological Study of the Halifax Disaster]

Aufsätze, by Robert Walser                                               37579
 [Illustrator: Karl Walser]
 [Language: German]

The Later Life, by Louis Couperus                                        37578
 [Translator: Alexander Teixeira de Mattos]

L'Illustration, No. 3651, 15 Février 1913, by Various                    37577
 [Language: French]

The Golden Hope, by Robert H. Fuller                                     37576
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Time of King Alexander the Great]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 105, September 16th, 1893,          37575
 by Various
 [Editor: Sir Francis Burnand]

Great Inventions and Discoveries, by Willis Duff Piercy                  37574

Pencil Sketches, by Eliza Leslie                                         37573
 [Subtitle: or, Outlines of Character and Manners]

The Way of Decision, by M. C. Pease                                      37572

Secret History of the Court of England, from the Accession               37571
 of George the Third to the Death of George the Fourth,
 Volume II (of 2), by Lady Anne Hamilton
 [Subtitle: Including, Among Other Important Matters, Full
  Particulars of the Mysterious Death of the Princess Charlotte]

Secret History of the Court of England, from the Accession               37570
 of George the Third to the Death of George the Fourth,
 Volume I (of 2), by Lady Anne Hamilton
 [Subtitle: Including, Among Other Important Matters, Full
  Particulars of the Mysterious Death of the Princess Charlotte]

La Maison de l'Ogre, by Alphonse Karr                                    37569
 [Language: French]

Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 89, July 12, 1851, by Various         37568
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary
  Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Geneologists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

Voyage musical en Allemagne et en Italie, II, by Hector Berlioz          37567
 [Language: French]

Natural History of the Ornate Box Turtle, Terrapene                      37566
 ornata ornata Agassiz, by John M. Legler

Psychical Miscellanea, by J. Arthur Hill                                 37565
 [Subtitle: Being Papers on Psychical Research,
  Telepathy, Hypnotism, Christian Science, etc.]

Christ Going Up to Heaven, by Unknown                                    37564
 [Subtitle: No. 47]

A Man of Honor, by George Cary Eggleston                                 37563

Wrestling and Wrestlers:, by Jacob Robinson and Sidney Gilpin            37562
 [Subtitle: Biographical Sketches of Celebrated Athletes of the Northern
  Ring; to Which is Added Notes on Bull and Badger Baiting]

"That's me all over, Mable", by Edward Streeter                          37561
 [Illustrator: G. William Breck]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 105, September 9, 1893, by Various  37560
 [Editor: Sir Francis Burnand]

Fern Vale (Volume 3), by Colin Munro                                     37559
 [Subtitle: or the Queensland Squatter]

A Catalogue of Sculpture in the Department of Greek and Roman            37558
 Antiquities, British Museum, Volume I (of 2), by A. H. Smith

37557 not ready

37556 not ready

L'Illustration, No. 3650, 8 Février 1913, by Various                     37555
 [Language: French]

The Bobbsey Twins at Cedar Camp, by Laura Lee Hope                       37554

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 105, September 2, 1893,             37553
 by Various
 [Editor: Sir Francis  Burnand]

The pragmatic theory of truth as developed by Peirce,                    37552
 James, and Dewey, by Delton Loring Geyer

Ann Boyd, by Will N. Harben                                              37551

Campaign of the Fourteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers,               37550
 by J. Newton Terrill

The Beauty, by Mrs. Wilson Woodrow                                       37549
 [Illustrator: Will Grefe]

Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 88, July 5, 1851, by Various          37548
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men,
 Artists, Antiquaries, Geneologists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

The Fairies and the Christmas Child, by Lilian Gask                      37547
 [Illustrator: Willy Pogány]

The Female Wits, by Anonymous                                            37546
 [Editor: Lucyle Hook]

"Persons Unknown", by Virginia Tracy                                     37545
 [Illustrator: Henry Raleigh]

Cupid in Africa, by P. C. Wren                                           37544

Watt's Songs Against Faults, by Anonymous                                37543

Watt's Songs Against Evil, by Anonymous                                  37542

Sinivuokkoja Suomen salomailta, by Nestor Tanner                         37541
 [Language: Finnish]

The Hearth-Stone, by Samuel Osgood                                       37540
 [Subtitle: Thoughts upon Home-Life in Our Cities]

37539 not ready

Southern War Songs, by Various                                           37538
 [Subtitle: Camp-Fire, Patriotic and Sentimental]

San Francisco in Ruins, by Various                                       37537
 [Editor: A. M. Allison]
 [Illustrator: J. D. Givens]

The House of the Dead or Prison Life in Siberia,                         37536
 by Fydor Dostoyevsky
 [Subtitle: with and introduction by Julius Bramont]

History of the Washington National Monument and of the Washington        37535
 National Monument Society, by Frederick Loviad Harvey

A travers chants, by Hector Berlioz                                      37534
 [Language: French]

Bungay Castle: A Novel. v. 1-2, by Elizabeth Bonhote                     37533

The Scottish Fairy Book, by Elizabeth W. Grierson                        37532
 [Illustrator: Morris Meredith Williams]

Theology and the Social Consciousness, by Henry Churchill King           37531
 [Subtitle: A Study of the Relations of the Social
  Consciousness to Theology (2nd ed.)]

The Story of an Ostrich, by Judd Isaacs                                  37530
 [Subtitle: An Allegory and Humorous Satire in Rhyme.]
 [Illustrator: Edmund Nolcini]

The Adventures of Puss in Boots, by Anonymous                            37529
 [Subtitle: Marks's Edition]

Quick Action, by Robert W. Chambers                                      37528
 [Illustrator: Edmund Frederick]

Sermons, by J. B. Lightfoot                                              37527

L'Illustration, No. 3649, 1 F?vrier 1913, by Various                     37526
 [Language: French]

Dvojník. Néticka Nezvánova a Malinký Hrdina, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky       37525
 [Language: Czech]

La dette de jeux, by Paul Lacroix                                        37524
 [Language: French]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 7, by Various   37523
 [Subtitle: "Geoponici" to "Germany"]

Kort verhaal van eene aanmerkelijke luchtreis en nieuwe                  37522
 Planeetontdekking, by Willem Bilderdijk
 [Language: Dutch]

The Broken Bough, by Anonymous                                           37521
 [Subtitle: No. 435, IV. Series]

Surnames as a Science, by Robert Ferguson                                37520

Curiousities of Great Britain: England and Wales Delineated              37519
 Vol.1, by Thomas Dugdale
 [Subtitle: Historical, Entertaining & Commercial;
  Alphabetically Arranged. 11 Volume set.]

The Butterflys' Ball, by Anonymous                                       37518
 [Subtitle: Mother's Series]

The Notorious Impostor and Diego Redivivus, by Elkanah Settle            37517

Notes and Queries, Vol. III, Number 87, June 28, 1851, by Various        37516
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary
  Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

In a Mysterious Way, by Anne Warner                                      37515
 [Illustrator: J. V. McFall]

Jemima Placid, by Mary Ann Kilner                                        37514
 [Subtitle: or, The Advantage of Good-Nature]

Spencer's Philosophy of Science, by C. Lloyd Morgan                      37513
 [Subtitle: The Herbert Spencer Lecture Delivered
  at the Museum 7 November, 1913]

A Revision of Snakes of the Genus Conophis (Family                       37512
 Colubridae, from Middle America), by John Willman

The Child's Story-Book, by Anonymous                                     37511
 [Subtitle: Second Series--No. 4]

By Trench and Trail in Song and Story, by Angus MacKay                   37510
 [Author a.k.a. Oscar Dhu]
 [Illustrator: William R. McKay]

The Cassowary, by Stanley Waterloo                                       37509
 [Subtitle: What Chanced in the Cleft Mountains]

The Cochineal, by Anonymous                                              37508

The Spaniards in Florida, by George R. Fairbanks                         37507
 [Subtitle: Comprising the notable settlement of the Huguenots in 1564,
  and the History and Antiquities of St. Augustine, Founded A.D. 1565]

L'Illustration, No. 3648, 25 Janvier 1913, by Various                    37506
 [Language: French]

A Short Narrative of the Life and Actions of His Grace                   37505
 John, D. of Marlborogh, by Daniel Defoe

IBM System 360 RPG Debugging Template and Keypunch Card, by Anonymous    37504

Gammer Gurton's Needle, by Mr. S. Mr. of Art                             37503

Climbing in The British Isles, Vol. II,                                  37502
 by W. P. Haskett Smith and H. C. Hart
 [Subtitle: Wales and Ireland]
 [Illustrator: Ellis Carr]

In Answer to Prayer, by W. Boyd Carpenter, Theodore L. Cuyler,           37501
 John Watson, Knox Little and William Quarrier
 [Subtitle: The Touch of the Unseen]

Het Auteursrecht, by Henri Louis de Beaufort                             37500
 [Subtitle: in het Nederlandsche en internationale recht]
 [Language: Dutch]

Napoleon's Letters to Josephine, by Henry Foljambe Hall                  37499

Stories of Old Kentucky, by Martha Grassham Purcell                      37498

The Tour, by Louis Couperus                                              37497
 [Subtitle: A Story of Ancient Egypt]
 [Translator: Alexander Teixeira de Mattos]

Notes and Queries, Vol. III, Number 86, June 21, 1851, by Various        37496
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary
  Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Geneologists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

Text books of art education, v. 2 of 7, by Hugo B. Froehlich             37495
 [Subtitle: Book II, Second Year]

The Gospel According To Peter, by Walter R. Cassels                      37494

Fast Nine, by Alan Douglas                                               37493
 [Subtitle: or, A Challenge from Fairfield]

The Chalice Of Courage, by Cyrus Townsend Brady                          37492
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Colorado]
 [Illustrators: Harrison Fisher and J. N. Marchand]

Les bijoux indiscrets, by Denis Diderot                                  37491
 [Language: French]

The Gray Phantom's Return, by Herman Landon                              37490

An Historical Narrative of the Great and Terrible Fire of London,        37489
 Sept. 2nd 1666, by Gideon Harvey

Asgard Stories, by Mabel H. Cummings and Mary H. Foster                  37488
 [Subtitle: Tales from Norse Mythology]

Boy Scouts in the Northwest, by George Harvey Ralphson                   37487
 [Subtitle: Fighting Forest Fires]

The Outdoor Chums on the Lake, by Quincy Allen                           37486
 [Subtitle: Lively Adventures on Wildcat Island]

Boy Scouts in Glacier Park, by Walter Prichard Eaton                     37485
 [Subtitle: The Adventures of Two Young Easterners
  in the Heart of the High Rockies]
 [Illustrator: Fred H. Kiser]

The Strand Magazine, Volume XXVII, Issue 160, April, 1904, by Various    37484

Sequoia [California] National Park,                                      37483
 by the United States Department of the Interior

The Postmaster, by Joseph C. Lincoln                                     37482

The Tangled Skein, by Baroness Emmuska Orczy                             37481

Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life, by Charles King         37480

The Debit Account, by Oliver Onions                                      37479
 [Author a.k.a. George Oliver]

The Prose Writings of Heinrich Heine, by Heinrich Heine                  37478

Taking Chances, by Clarence L. Cullen                                    37477

Jessie Graham, by Mary Jane Holmes                                       37476

Turkey, by Julius R. Van Millingen                                       37475
 [Subtitle: Peeps at Many Lands]
 [Illustrator: Warwick Goble]

Ystäväni kertomus, by Mathilda Roos                                      37474

L'Illustration, No. 3647, 18 Janvier 1913, by Various                    37473

Zanzibar Tales, by Various                                               37472
 [Subtitle: Told by natives of the East Coast of Africa]
 [Illustrator: Walter Bobbett]
 [Translator: George W. Bateman]

Mind Amongst the Spindles, by Various                                    37471
 [Editor: Charles Knight]

The Great War in England in 1897, by William Le Queux                    37470
 [Illustrator: Cyril Field]

Some Imagist Poets, 1916, by Richard Aldington,                          37469
 Hilda Doolittle, John Gould Fletcher, Amy Lowell,
 D. H. Lawrence and F. S. Flint
 [Subtitle: An Annual Anthology]

Pastels, by Paul Bourget                                                 37468
 [Subtitle: dix portraits de femmes]
 [Language: French]

Daisy Thornton, by Mary J. Holmes                                        37467

Lost in the Cañon, by Alfred R. Calhoun                                  37466
 [Subtitle: The Story of Sam Willett's Adventures
  on the Great Colorado of the West]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 93, November 5, 1887, by Various    37465

Bluebeard, by Clifton Johnson                                            37464
 [Illustrator: Harry L. Smith]

The Builders, by Ellen Glasgow                                           37463

Boating, by W. B. Woodgate                                               37462 
 [Illustrator: Frank Dadd]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 6, by Various   37461
 [Subtitle: "Geodesy" to "Geometry"]

Blackie & Sons Catalogue - 1891, by Various                              37460
 [Subtitle: Books for Young People]

Polly in New York, by Lillian Elizabeth Roy                              37459
 [Illustrator: H. S. Barbour]

Natalie: A Garden Scout, by Lillian Elizabeth Roy                        37458

Canada: Its Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery,                        37457
 By Clifton Armstrong Howes

Cycling and Shooting Knickerbocker Stockings, by H. P. Ryder             37456
 [Subtitle: How to Knit Them With Plain and Fancy Turnover Tops]

The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun & Fancy, by Mabel Henriette Spielmann      37455
 [Illustrators: Arthur Rackham, Hugh Thomson, 
  Bernard Partridge, and Lewis Baumer]

The Automobile Girls Along the Hudson, by Laura Dent Crane               37454
 [Subtitle: Fighting Fire in Sleepy Hollow]

The Barber of Paris, by Charles Paul de Kock                             37453
 [Translator: Edith May Norris]

The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Vol. I,                37452
 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Rough-Hewn, by Dorothy Canfield                                          37451

Aspects of Reproduction and Development in the Prairie                   37450
 Vole (Microtus ochrogaster), by Henry S. Fitch

Puppets at Large, by F. Anstey                                           37449
 [Subtitle: Scenes and Subjects from Mr. Punch's Show]
 [Illustrator: J. Bernard Partridge]

Comet's Burial, by Raymond Zinke Gallun                                  37448

Hand-Craft, by John D. Sutcliffe                                         37447
 [Subtitle: The Most Reliable Basis of Technical
  Education in Schools and Classes]

King Lear's Wife; The Crier by Night; The Riding to Lithend;             37446
 Midsummer-Eve; Laodice and Danaë, by Gordon Bottomley

The Lady and Her Horse, by T. A. Jenkins                                 37445
 [Subtitle: Being Hints Selected from Various Sources
  and Compiled into a System of Equitation]

Cookery for Little Girls, by Olive Hyde Foster                           37444

The Fascinating Boston, by Alfonso Josephs Sheafe                        37443
 [Subtitle: How to Dance and How to Teach
  the Popular New Social Favorite]

Gulliver's Reizen, by Jonathan Swift                                     37442
 [Subtitle: naar Lilliput en Brobdingnag]
 [Language: Dutch]

The Wanderer (Volume 5 of 5), by Fanny Burney                            37441
 [Subtitle: or, Female Difficulties]

The Wanderer (Volume 4 of 5), by Fanny Burney                            37440
 [Subtitle: or, Female Difficulties]

The Wanderer (Volume 3 of 5), by Fanny Burney                            37439
 [Subtitle: or, Female Difficulties]

The Wanderer (Volume 2 of 5), by Fanny Burney                            37438
 [Subtitle: or, Female Difficulties]

The Wanderer (Volume 1 of 5), by Fanny Burney                            37437
 [Subtitle: or, Female Difficulties]

Verfall und Triumph, Zweiter Teil, by Johannes R. Becher                 37436
 [Subtitle: Versuche in Prosa]
 [Language: German]

Verfall und Triumph, Erster Teil, by Johannes R. Becher                  37435
 [Subtitle: Gedichte]
 [Language: German]

The Motor Maids' School Days, by Katherine Stokes                        37434

The Motor Maids Across the Continent, by Katherine Stokes                37433

Short Stories of the New America, by Various                             37432
 [Subtitle: Interpreting the America of this age
  to high school boys and girls]
 [Editor: Mary A. Laselle]

Pride and Predjudice, a play, by Mary Keith Medbery Mackaye              37431

The Sin of Monsieur Pettipon, by Richard Connell                         37430
 [Subtitle: and other humorous tales]

Polly and Her Friends Abroad, by Lillian Elizabeth Roy                   37429
 [Illustrator: H. S. Barbour]

L'Illustration, No. 3646, 11 Janvier 1913, by Various                    37428
 [Language: French]

Scientific Culture, and Other Essays, by Josiah Parsons Cooke            37427
 [Subtitle: Second Edition; with Additions]

Whirlpools, by Henryk Sienkiewicz                                        37426
 [Subtitle: A Novel of Modern Poland]
 [Translator: Max A. Drezmal]

Within the Rim and Other Essays, by Henry James                          37425

Views and Reviews, by Henry James                                        37424

How We Think, by John Dewey                                              37423

Life and Death of Doctor Faustus Made into a Farce,                      37422
 by William  Mountfort

The Life and Times of Kateri Tekakwitha, by Ellen H. Walworth            37421
 [Subtitle: The Lily of the Mohawks]

Paint Technology and Tests, by Henry A. Gardner                          37420

Simon Eichelkatz; The Patriarch, by Ulrich Frank                         37419
 [Subtitle: Two Stories of Jewish Life]

A Primer of Assyriology, by Archibald Henry Sayce                        37418

L'Illustration, No. 0018, 1 Juillet 1843, by Various                     37417
 [Language: French]

The Princess of Bagdad, by Alexandre Dumas                               37416
 [Subtitle: A Play In Three Acts]

Trumpeter Fred, by Charles King                                          37415
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Plains]

The World Turned Upside Down, by E. C. Clayton                           37414

The Duke Decides, by Headon Hill                                         37413

The Empty Sack, by Basil King                                            37412

A Primer of Assyriology, by Archibald Henry Sayce                        37411

Masters of French Music, by Arthur Hervey                                37410

Louis XIV and La Grande Mademoiselle, by Arvede Barine                   37409
 [Subtitle: 1652-1693]

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy,                  37408
 by Theodore Lothrop Stoddard

William Blake, by Irene Langridge                                        37407
 [Subtitle: A Study of His Life and Art Work]

On the Field of Glory, by Henryk Sienkiewicz                             37406
 [Subtitle: An Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski]
 [Translator: Jeremiah Curtin]

A Maid at King Alfred's Court, by Lucy Foster Madison                    37405
 [Illustrator: Ida Waugh]

Church History, Vol. 3 of 3, by J. H. Kurtz                              37404
 [Subtitle: 2nd Edition]
 [Translator: John MacPherson]

Notes and Queries, Number 85, June 14, 1851, by Various                  37403
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary
  Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Geneologists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

Anekdoten, by J. van Lennep                                              37402
 [Subtitle: Vermakelijke anekdoten, en historische herinneringen]
 [Language: Dutch]

Voyages et Avantures de Jaques Massé, by Simon Tyssot de Patot           37401
 [Language: French]

The Travels and Adventures of James Massey, by Simon Tyssot de Patot     37400

The Executioner's Knife, by Eugène Sue                                   37399
 [Subtitle: Or Joan of Arc]
 [Translator: Daniel De Leon]

Edgar Saltus: The Man, by Marie Saltus                                   37398

Weird Stories, by Edgar Alan Poe                                         37397
 [Language: Greek]

The Strange Story Book, by Mrs. Andrew Lang                              37396
 [Editor: Andrew Lang]
 [Illustrator: H. J. Ford]

Novels, Volume B, by Alexandros Moraitides                               37395
 [Language: Greek]

Fifty Years of Golf, by Horace G. Hutchinson                             37394

Aumolan emäntä, by J. A. Bergman                                         37393
 [Subtitle: Novelli]
 [Language: Finnish]

'Green Balls', by Paul Bewsher                                           37392
 [Subtitle: The Adventures of a Night-Bomber]

Burning of the Brooklyn Theatre, by Anonymous                            37391
 [Subtitle: A thrilling personal experience! Brooklyn's horror.
  Wholesale holocaust at the Brooklyn, New York,
  Theatre on the night of December 5th, 1876]

My Memoirs, by Marguerite Steinheil                                      37390

Chlorination of Water, by Joseph  Race                                   37389

Tobacco Leaves, by W. A. Brennan                                         37388
 [Subtitle: Being a Book of Facts for Smokers]

Letters to Severall Persons of Honour, by John Donne                     37387

Cultus Arborum, by Anonymous                                             37386
 [Subtitle: Phallic Tree Worship]

Embryology, by Gerald R. Leighton                                        37385
 [Subtitle: The Beginnings of Life]

Ma vie musicale, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov                              37384
 [Translator: Ely Halpérine-Kaminsky]
 [Language: French]

The Argentine Republic, by Anonymous                                     37383

Los cursos, by Pierre-Eugène Veber                                       37382
 [Translator: José A. Luengo]
 [Language: Spanish]

Snowdrop and Other Tales, by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm               37381
 [Illustrator: Arthur Rackham]

The Student's Mythology, by Catherine Ann White                          37380
 [Subtitle: A Compendium of Greek, Roman, Egyptian,
  Assyrian, Persian, Hindoo, Chinese, Thibetian,
  Scandinavian, Celtic, Aztec, and Peruvian Mythologies]

Notes and Queries, Number 84, June 7, 1851, by Various                   37379
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary
  Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Geneologists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

The Secret Toll, by Paul Thorne and Mabel Thorne                         37378

Ueber die Wirkung des Nordsee-Bades, by F. W. Beneke                     37377
 [Subtitle: Eine physiologisch-chemische Untersuchung]
 [Language: German]

Wang the Ninth, by Putnam Weale                                          37376
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Chinese Boy]

Legends of the North; The Guidman O' Inglismill                          37375
 and The Fairy Bride, by Patrick Buchan

The True Story of my Parliamentary Struggle, by Charles Bradlaugh        37374

Indian Scout Talks, by Charles A. Eastman                                37373
 [Subtitle: A Guide for Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls]

In the Russian Ranks, by John Morse                                      37372
 [Subtitle: A Soldier's Account of the Fighting in Poland]

The Triumph of Music, by Madison Julius Cawein                           37371
 [Subtitle: And Other Lyrics]

The Relations of Science and Religion, by Henry Calderwood               37370
 [Subtitle: The Morse Lecture, 1880]

Rob of the Bowl, Vol. I (of 2), by John P. Kennedy                       37369
 [Subtitle: A Legend of St. Inigoe's]

The Right to Privacy, by Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis          37368

Verses of Feeling and Fancy, by W. M. MacKeracher                        37367

Vacation Verse, by W. M. MacKeracher                                     37366

Sonnets and Other Verse, by W. M. MacKeracher                            37365

The Second Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling                               37364
 [Illustrator: John Lockwood Kipling]

Making Up with Mr. Dog, by Albert Bigelow Paine                          37363
 [Subtitle: Hollow Tree Stories]
 [Illustrator: J. M.  Cond?]

Beautiful Bulbous Plants, by John Weathers                               37362
 [Subtitle: For the Open Air]

Pan Michael, by Henryk Sienkiewicz                                       37361
 [Subtitle: An Historical Novel of Poland, the Ukraine, and Turkey.]
 [Translator: Jeremiah Curtin]

Object: matrimony, by Montague Glass                                     37360

Motor Truck Logging Methods, by Frederick Malcolm Knapp                  37359
 [Subtitle: Engineering Experiment Station Series, Bulletin No. 12]

Determinism or Free-Will?, by Chapman Cohen                              37358

Annie o' the Banks o' Dee, by Gordon Stables                             37357

In Touch with Nature, by Gordon Stables                                  37356
 [Subtitle: Tales and Sketches from the Life]

Born to Wander, by Gordon Stables                                        37355
  [Subtitle: A Boy's Book of Nomadic Adventures]
[Illustrator: W. Cheshire]

Condensation of Determinants, Being a New and Brief Method               37354
 for Computing their Arithmetical Values, by Lewis Carroll
 [Author a.k.a. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson]

Stories of Great Musicians, by Kathrine Lois Scobey                      37353
 and Olive Brown Horne

Daphnis and Chloe, by Longos                                             37352
 [Language: Greek]

Contemporary Socialism, by John Rae                                      37351

Ancestry of Modern Amphibia: A Review of the Evidence,                   37350
 by Theodore H. Eaton

Varjojen kautta, by Mathilda Roos                                        37349
 [Subtitle: Nykyajan kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Old-Fashioned Fairy Book, by Constance Cary Harrison                 37348
 [Illustrator: Rosina Emmet]

Lighter Moments from the Notebook of Bishop Walsham How,                 37347
 by Frederick Douglas How

Mortmain, by Arthur Cheny Train                                          37346

The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon, by Alexander Maclaren    37345

Four Years in France, by Henry Digby Beste                               37344
 [Subtitle: or, Narrative of an English Family's Residence
  there during that Period; Preceded by some Account of the
  Conversion of the Author to the Catholic Faith]

Caught by the Turks, by Francis Yeats-Brown                              37343

Medieval English Literature, by William Paton Ker                        37342
 [Subtitle: Home University of Modern Knowledge #43]

Count Frontenac, by William Dawson LeSueur                               37341
 [Subtitle: Makers of Canada, Volume 3]

The Clan Fraser in Canada, by Alexander Fraser                           37340
 [Subtitle: Souvenir of the First Annual Gathering]

'Midst the Wild Carpathians, by Mór Jókai                                37339
 [Translator: R. Nisbet Bain]

The Crime Doctor, by Ernest William Hornung                              37338
 [Illustrator: Frederick Dorre Steele]

My Lord Duke, by E. W. Hornung                                           37337

Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland Volume 21,                 37336
 by Alexander Leighton

Brenda's Bargain, by Helen Leah Reed                                     37335
 [Subtitle: A Story for Girls]
 [Illustrator: Ellen Bernard Thompson]

Näkymättömiä teitä, by Mathilda Roos                                     37334
 [Subtitle: Runoelma elämästä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Little Red Foot, by Robert W. Chambers                               37333

A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett                            37332
 [Subtitle: Being the whole story of Sara Crewe
  now told for the first time]
 [Illustrator: Ethel Franklin Betts]

Notes of a Camp-Follower on the Western Front, by E. W. Hornung          37331

Aileen Aroon, A Memoir, by Gordon Stables                                37330
 [Subtitle: With other Tales of Faithful Friends and Favourites]

The Domestic Cat, by Gordon Stables                                      37329

Medical Life in the Navy, by Gordon Stables                              37328

O'er Many Lands, on Many Seas, by Gordon Stables                         37327

Turkish and Other Baths, by Gordon Stables                               37326
 [Subtitle: A Guide to Good Health and Longevity]
 [Illustrator: Messrs Allen]

Harry Milvaine, by Gordon Stables                                        37325
 [Subtitle: The Wanderings of a Wayward Boy]

Mrs. Bindle, by Hebert Jenkins                                           37324
 [Subtitle: Some Incidents from the Domestic Life of the Bindles]

Poems on Golf, by Edinburgh Burgess Golfing Society                      37323

Music-Study in Germany, by Amy Fay                                       37322
 [Subtitle: from the Home Correspondence of Amy Fay]

Remarks on a Pamphlet Lately published by the Rev. Mr. Maskelyne,        37321
 Under the Authority of the Board of Longitude, by John Harrison

Tiny Luttrell, by Ernest William Hornung                                 37320

L'Illustration, No. 0017, 24 Juin 1843, by Various                       37319
 [Language: French]

Helena, by Arvid Järnefelt                                               37318
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Geographic Variation in the Pocket Gopher, Thomys bottae,                37317
 in Colorado, by Phillip M. Youngman

De Ellendigen (Deel 1 van 5), by Victor Hugo                             37316
 [Language: Dutch]

The Boy's Book of Heroes, by Helena Peake                                37315

The Bradys After a Chinese Princess, by Francis Worcester Doughty        37314
 [Subtitle: The Yellow Fiends of 'Frisco]

The Standard Galleries - Holland, by Esther Singleton                    37313

Egmont, by J. W. von Goethe                                              37312
 [Subtitle: Viisinäytöksinen murhenäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

John Woolman's Journal, by John Woolman                                  37311

The Blue Grass Seminary Girls on the Water, by Carolyn Judson Burnett    37310
 [Subtitle: Exciting Adventures on a Summer Cruise
  Through the Panama Canal]

Violins and Violin Makers, by Joseph Pearce                              37309
 [Subtitle: Biographical Dictionary of the Great
  Italian Artistes, their Followers and Imitators,
  to the present time. With Essays on Important Subjects
  Connected with the Violin.]

The Deluge, Vol. II. (of 2), by Henryk Sienkiewicz                       37308
 [Subtitle: An Historical Novel of Poland, Sweden, and Russia.]
 [Translator: Jeremiah Curtin]

Blue Grass Seminary Girls' Vacation Adventures,                          37307
 by Carolyn Judson Burnett
 [Subtitle: Shirley Willing to the Rescue]

Les Précurseurs, by Romain Rolland                                       37306
 [Language: French]

Roman d'Eustache le moine, by Francisque Michel                          37305
 [Subtitle: pirate fameux du XIIIe siècle publié
  pour la première fois d'après un manuscrit de
  la bibliothèque royale]
 [Language: French]

Those Dale Girls, by Frank Weston Carruth                                37304

The Girls of Central High on the Stage, by Gertrude W. Morrison          37303
 [Subtitle: The Play That Took The Prize]

An Account of the Growth of Deism in England, by William Stephens        37302

The Whale and the Grasshopper, by Seumas O'Brien                         37301
 [Subtitle: And other Fables]
 [Illustrator: Robert McCraig]

Henry James, by Rebecca West                                             37300

Talks to Freshman Girls, by Helen Dawes Brown                            37299

Garcia the Centenarian And His Times, by M. Sterling Mackinley           37298
 [Subtitle: Being a Memoir of Manuel Garcia's Life and
  Labours for the Advancement of Music and Science]

Beknopte geschiedenis van het vaderland, by J. A. Wijnne                 37297
 [Language: Dutch]

Samboe; or, The African Boy, by Mary Ann Hedge                           37296

Soft Candy for Bees, by Dr. Burton N. Gates                              37295

The Red Cross Barge, by Marie Belloc Lowndes                             37294

The Divine Adventure Volume IV, by Fiona Macleod                         37293

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour, by Various                                  37292
 [Editor: Dwight L. Moody]

The Heroes of the School, by Allen Chapman                               37291
 [Subtitle: or, The Darewell Chums Through Thick and Thin]

The life and teaching of Karl Marx, by M. Beer                           37290

Susan Clegg and Her Love Affairs, by Anne Warner                         37289
 [Illustrator: H. M. Brett]

Virginia Architecture in the Seventeenth Century,                        37288
 by Henry Chandlee Forman

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