[PGCanada] Introductions, etc.: Comprends pas: Please explain.

Carlo Traverso traverso at dm.unipi.it
Tue Nov 9 22:29:58 PST 2004

>>>>> "Wallace" == Wallace J McLean <ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca> writes:

    Wallace> Qu'est-ce que vous ne comprenez pas?  Serbian copyright
    Wallace> law is, right now, life+50, but are they under political
    Wallace> pressure (internal or external) to "harmonize"? If they
    Wallace> eventually join the EU, presumably they will be forced to
    Wallace> "harmonize" to life+70, so how close are they to EU
    Wallace> membership, realistically?

I think that Serbia joining EU will be in the far future. There are no
discussions currently, next joining states will be Bulgaria and
Romania in few years, Turkey is under discussion for within 14 years,
former Yougoslavia states (except Slovenia, that is in EU now) and
Albania will be even later, Serbia and Albania will be the
last. Disscussions will not start before a Kosovo settlement and
stabilization. 25 years may be a fair guess.

    Wallace> In other words, would building a life+50 public domain
    Wallace> "library" in Serbia, under Serbian law, be a sound
    Wallace> location in the long term?  Sounder or less sound than
    Wallace> Canada? Or kinda like building on beachfront in Florida
    Wallace> or the San Andreas fault?

I'd say as sound as Canada, at least for the near future. With the
advantage that people are seriously working on that since more than
one year. Should Serbia fall before  Canada, moving everything to
Canada should be possible. And the converse of course.

Currently, DP-EU  _IS_  DP+50. Some +50 books have been prepared, and the
clearance rules officially allow life+50 (the procedures are not yet
established, the site is just now at the end of the experimental phase
and starting officially). The site even allows copyrighted books 
under the condition that owner of the copyright grants unrestricted


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