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Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Sun Jan 9 20:59:02 PST 2005

That's too bad James. I was hoping we could get some help from you, 
however, I fully understand. My time has been really tight too, however 
I have been continuing to work on this a bit here and there. Not nearly 
as fast as I'd like though.

I have a wiki almost set up on my home site on which I'd like to 
collaborate with others on creating the corporate documentation. (some 
of which is already in a rough draft) As I've said before I think a 
registered Not-For-Profit (then hopefully charity) will get more 
attention on The Hill then 'a bunch of guys with a web site'.

Also, I found an interesting open source document database at: 
I am trying to install it on my home server for testing purposes. If we 
can add to this some way to convert XML<-->ASCII when 
submitting/retrieving documents, this might be all we need (with a few 
static web pages) to get a basic PG up and running. And running in James 
preferred incarnation. Thoughts???

As an aside, as I've been getting more and more annoyed with MS over 
recent years, and as I've learned more and more about IP issues, I've 
finally taken the big step and moved all my home and work machines over 
to Linux. Wouldn't have been nearly so painful if I weren't at the same 
time trying to set up all kinds of servers, implement networking, remote 
'X' server/clients etc... Oh well, I'm almost at the top of the initial 
  learning curve now.


James Linden wrote:
> Several people have recently voice a desire to get PG Canada going. I'd 
> like to invite them to do so. I am not currently in a place of my life 
> that I can devote any time to PG, so I'm going to fully step aside and 
> let everyone else go at it without me in the way.
> I currently have control of the projectgutenberg.ca domain, and I'll 
> point DNS to whomever is going to host the site, just give me the DNS 
> server names.
> I will be staying on the mailing lists so as to still be available if 
> the need arises.
> May PG Canada succeed (and kick PG USA's butt!)... EH!
> Regards,
>   James Linden
>   http://www.kodekrash.com/
>   http://www.eidix.org/
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