[PGCanada] PG Canada Wiki

Jennifer Zickerman jennifer at sxip.com
Sat Mar 12 21:52:45 PST 2005

This is a great doc, James - I've got a much clearer view of the whole 
process. Before I start work on wikifiying it, I'd like your thoughts 
(i.e., approval) regarding chunking it up into separate pages.

For example, I thought that the "Scanning", "Scan Verification" and 
"Scan Processing" topics could replace the existing "Scanning" page on 
the wiki. I'd leave the existing text, which is just snippets from 
relevant conversations on the mailing list, at the bottom of the page; 
over time, I (or another wiki worker) can go through these snippets to 
see if there's anything to add to your content.

The reason I think the topics would work best as separate pages is 
because, first, I expect there will be lots of ongoing expansion and 
refinement, which I think is easier to manage if we're working with 
smaller documents. Second, I think that a person *doing* a particular 
task (such as scanning) would find it easier to work with a smaller, 
targeted document.

If you agree, I'll go ahead and expand the wiki topic list and integrate 
your doc.


James Linden wrote:
> Well Jennifer, I fear that I'm making a mess of the wiki... :-( Could 
> you look at it and maybe help me figure out how to do things a bit cleaner?

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