[PGCanada] PG Canada Wiki

Jennifer Zickerman jennifer at sxip.com
Tue Mar 15 08:37:32 PST 2005

Regarding James' Mega-Master Process Doc;

Jennifer Zickerman wrote:
> James Linden wrote:
>>  I just ask that a copy of the entire document is available in one piece 
>> as well, if possible? This is mostly so I can easily compare to my 
>> local version for changes, etc.
> That makes sense. However, I think we must avoid multiple copies of the 
> same document on the wiki. Therefore, I'll re-organize the navigation 
> structure to point to sub-sections in your doc, and we'll leave it in 
> one piece.

I think I came up with a "best of both worlds" solution. I've chunked 
the content into individual pages (all listed under the "Process" 
heading in the sidebar), but created an additional page ("Process A-Z") 
that collates the content into a single document via programmatic 
"include" statements.


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